The standards submission process is open to the public. If you have a good idea for a foodstuff standard, then we’re excited to hear it.

Standards Submissions

If you’d like to formally submit a document for acceptance as a standard, then please submit it as a request to the mailing list with either the [Proposed Standard] or [Standard Draft] tags in the subject line.

If your submission is accepted for review by the standards committee it will be added to the site as either a proposed standard or draft submission (according to the subject line tag). The submission will then undergo community discussion as an official RFC before it can be accepted.

Once a draft or proposal is accepted as an official standard, it will be updated accordingly by the staff.

Types of Submissions

For standards proposals, please see the format outlined in RFC #2: The Recommended Structure of an IIFRP Request for Comments. For all other documents, please follow the guidelines in RFC #2, but keep in mind that documents other than standards proposals need not adhere to all guidelines; though consistency with other documents is appreciated.