The standards submission process is open to the public. If you have a good idea for a foodstuff standard, then we’re excited to hear it.

Standards Submissions

If you’d like to formally submit a document for acceptance as a standard, then please submit it as a request to the mailing list with either the [Proposed Standard] or [Standard Draft] tags in the subject line.

If your submission is accepted for review by the standards committee it will be added to the site as either a proposed standard or draft submission (according to the subject line tag). The submission will then undergo community discussion as an official RFC before it can be accepted.

Once a draft or proposal is accepted as an official standard, it will be updated accordingly by the staff.

Types of Submissions

All accepted documents are given a designation as per the following categories. Users can deduce the designation of a document by checking the top of the page while reading the document. The colored banner will denote the type.

  • Draft [Red]: Any document that is in the process of being written.
  • Informational [Orange]: A document that is not considered accepted as standard, but provides additional context about a standards decision or comparisons of different or similar standards.
  • Experimental [Yellow]: Any document detailing either an experimental recipe or possibly research studies relating.
  • Best Common Practice [Magenta]: A document detailing a best practice. Normally these are for processes in preparation in general.
  • Proposed Standard [Indigo]: Documents that are undergoing the acceptance process to become official standards.
  • Internet Standard [Green]: Accepted community standards. These are the criteria for being an IIFRP Compliant Product.
  • Historic [Gray]: Previously accepted standards, or practices documents which are no longer relevant, but preserved for historical context.
  • Obsolete [Brown]: Previously accepted standards, or practices documents which are no longer accepted and have been superseded by another standard.
  • Unknown or Misc. [White]: Any document that does not fit into these categories or that the committee hasn’t assigned a designation.
Required Sections for Proposed Standards

When submitting a document for review and possible acceptance as a standard, it must contain the relevant following sections and subsections. Any sections or subsections that are not specified are left to the author, and additional subsections may be added where needed.

  1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Rationale and Scope
    • 1.2. Terminology
  2. Composition
  3. Design and Assembly
  4. Extensibility Considerations
  5. International Considerations
  6. Formal Specification
  7. Acknowledgements